June 5, 2012



here is some stuff i am tired of in my young adult lit:

  • our heroine tires of silly useless femme girls 
  • also those girls are probably bitches
  • thoughtful/taciturn fathers and emotional/babbling mother
  • everyone is an only child unless they have an annoying little brother
  • protagonists with no interests, passions, or strong opinions
  • (he was a demon/angel/vampire/werewolf/boggart/gremlin who cared about literally nothing until he met me and now we care about literally nothing but each other)
  • condescension is sexy
  • lol what are other women how do you friendship them
  • this love triangle: popular or dangerous guy + heroine + her male best friend
  • “well then maybe i don’t want to be a princess!!!” (feminine royalty as a gilded cage that you run away from in boots to join the joyously penniless)
  • first person snark
  • that was the summer my parents got divorced and my brother died and i moved across the country to live with my aunt who was friggin weird oh hey a cute boy
  • as a girl you’re not liberated or powerful until you have a sword
  • conversely as a girl don’t even worry your boyf has this under control
  • our heroine needs to learn to lighten up and go with the flow
  • why would he like me
  • greyscale covers of kids in flowing garments outside during a storm getting pneumonia

#obvs all of them are white straight upper middle class without any mental or physical disabilities or disorders #also they are thin and conventionally attractive #come on what are you new #honestly i am tired of ALL love triangles #if you need a love triangle your romance is probably boring

I’m sorry, but I just need this list on my tumblr because it gives me so much life aka it makes me cry.

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