July 18, 2012
Things I wish people would get:

There’s a difference between a person being of a certain race/ethnicity/culture and not “looking” it and a person who is NOT of that race/ethnicity/culture being chosen to represent them because the character can pass.

When people call out whitewashing and lack of representation in certain aspects we’re not saying that the people have to look a certain way. We’re saying that tho they have people of certain races/ethnicities/cultures that can pass for white, that doesn’t mean that you should/can hire a white person to play this part. 

For example, imagine that they were making about movie about 

Garcelle Beauvais(Haitian)

Victoria Rowell(African-American/English)

or Karyn Parsons(Afro-Trini/French-Canadian)

With the exception of Garcelle, these women are mixed race. They have all been in interracial relationships with white men and had children with them. 

Here are some pictures of them.

Garcelle and her twins Jaid and Jax

Victoria and Maya.

and Karyn and her babies Lana and Nico.

Now if they had to cast the role of these kids should they have white actors, because these kids “look white”? Or should they hire actors of color who look like these kids?

And that’s the crucial difference. We’re not saying that children of color can’t look/pass for white. We’re saying DON’T get white actors/FC/whathaveyou, because of the fact that they do. 

So DON’T do this:















I have wayyyyy more links, but I’m getting a headache just by going through those so back to the topic at hand.

More people of African ancestry that can pass

Troian Bellsario a.k.a Spencer Hastings(African-American, White*, Serbian, Italian)

Jennifer Beals(African-American/White*)

Wentworth Miller(African-American,Jamaican, English, German, Jewish,Cherokee, Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, Lebanese, the kitchen sink, two #5’s)

Bonus, not because she can pass for white per se, but because some don’t know that she is Black.

Naya Rivera

So yeah. Before I end this post let’s review:

1. Black people and/or people of African descent can be light-skinned or “pass”.

2. This does NOT mean that people should hire white actors or use white(or inaccurate) FC for these people/characters.

3. Anti-whitewashers are NOT saying that #1 is impossible, we are saying that #2 should NOT happen. 

That is all.

This was your random genetics and anti-whitewashing lesson of the day. 

Good day to you all.

*used White in these situations, because I don’t like using Caucasian for reasons that you can learn by googling. So that’s all folks.

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June 5, 2012

Young Fred II, taken by George Weasley. 


Young Fred II, taken by George Weasley. 

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June 4, 2012
I think we’re gonna have to do another takeover of the tags soon yall.

June 4, 2012

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June 4, 2012


Forever filling the HP characters of color with accurate face claims. 

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May 28, 2012
Black/White biracial celebrities who may be used as face-claims.


Okay, so I noticed a lot of RP face claims for children with black/white parentage are often botched. The RPGs tend to either say the kids are of that couple are adopted, and pick someone with totally different ancestry (usually white), or they’ll make their biological children mixed-race, but not black/white. I just wanted to show that there’s a variety of popular, attractive actors and performers out there who are black/white biracial. All of these face claims should have a variety of gifs and photos as well. I tried to keep them on the young (or at least young-looking) side because I know people tend to go for face claims under 30.

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You need new pics for Amandla and Kat, but this is yes!

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