May 2, 2012
Glee Thoughts

*sighs* NEVER asked a victim/survivor why they didn’t do such and such.

I still don’t understand that line coming from coach Roz. I mean, this is the lady who went IN when Santana cracked that joke(which I will get to in a minute), her aunt was a survivor of DV, and she was doing so good until she learned that that’s what happened to Beiste. What kind of sympathetic person says to a person who’s been abused: “you’re as big as a house, please tell me you did such and such”? or “why didn’t you do such and such?” Like size means NOTHING. this isn’t supposed to be coming from Coach Roz. She should know better.

Now into the Santana/Mercedes/Tina/Sugar/Brittany angle. the fuck is this shit? I know that Santana and Sugar can go far on the regular, but they would never. they wouldn’t. And what’s more than that Mercedes and Tina would NOT laugh. What the fuckisthis shit? then when Brittany asked at the end did you put him in the hospital or whatever. What is this bruh? Why is everybody asking like just be Beiste is stacked that she’s immune to this stuff. Why is everybody asking what SHE did instead of saying what Cooter should. not. do! Shit pissed me off. But this is the society in which we live where people who have been hurt by things are blame. Where instead of the telling the person who hurt/assaulted them that these things are wrong as fuck and should NOT been done, they’re asking Beiste what SHE did, what SHE should have done. And I don’t respect or appreciate that shit.

Re: Cooter and him being goofy and shit. I never saw it. I always thought he was a douche. I never liked him. I mean this is the dude who went from telling her “there’s no girls like her” to going on a date with Sue in the next ep. dude always give off that shady vibe. And I still don’t think it was completely Beiste’s idea to get married. I think dude guilted her into it. The same way he guilted and/or rushed her into a relationship.

On Rachel. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! She choked and it was GLORIOUS. Especially since she had been trying to get into Kurt’s head for most of their time in the ep. I don’t feel sorry for her. She deserves nothing more than to not get into NYADA(even tho she probably will.) and now chick is ass outta luck because this is the only school she applied to. (that will know of)

I liked the bro scenes(even though I still don’t understand why Kurt wasn’t there when he’s known Puck wayyyy longer than Blaine. I mean wouldn’t he care that one of his friends might not graduate? ButGleeso of course not.) I liked the “Rain in Spain” scene a lot. It was cute. (now, what rhymes with “European pre-indutrial deforestation?” Lol Artie)

But cheah. That’s all I got for now. I have to go take this test. Bye!!

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    All of this and I’ll add this for good measure. The more I think about this episode, the angrier I get.