March 27, 2012


Roxanne Weasley Seventh Year Slytherin

The girl is every bit sly as she is sweet. Behind every word she says, she has a plan, a very carefully thought out plan. Roxanne is unlike any other Weasley girl, brown hair, tanned skinned - some say she is the prettiest of the bunch, after dear Victoire that is. Roxanne likes to use this to her advantage, seeing as how she has somewhat of a manipulative personality, she doesn’t know exactly when it began, but she just likes using people for her benefit. That doesn’t mean in any way that she doesn’t care for people, she does - she just happens to care for herself more. Roxanne Weasley is nothing you’d expect from the Weasley clan, and she likes being different - keeping people on their toes.

Shay is half-filipina. Try again.

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